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Legal & Privacy



Byhappyme protects your personal privacy when you use our services. Therefore, we have prepared a policy describing how we handle and protect your personal data. This policy will always be able to be changed, so pay attention to always check what is applicable. The latest version of this Privacy Policy is always available on (ligges op på shop forside)

This Privacy Policy applies solely to private customers using our online service.

Who is responsible for your personal data?

Byhappyme is the data controller for the processing of your personal data and carries the responsibility for ensuring that your data is handled properly in accordance with applicable law. 

Where do you store my personal data?

The personal data collected from you will be stored within Europe. We will only disclose personal data to a third party if this is required by law. Byhappyme could also disclose your personal data to a third party in the situations which are listed at the bottom of this Policy. 

Which personal data is collected?

We collect and store information about you that you provide to us, for example name, address, gender, birthday, etc., interests and mobile number as well as information on how to contact you (via email and / or SMS). We also collect information about your purchases such purchased goods, price, date and retail and any returns. If you participate in an event or contact us, we also collect your personal information on that occasion. 

How do we use your personal data?

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To establish your identity
  • To process your orders and returns
  • To contact you with messages on deliveries, or if there is a problem with the delivery of your products
  • To answer your questions by e-mail or via customer service
  • To analyse and segmentate for targeted campaigns
  • To broadcast general information and targeted messages
  • To inform you about events
  • To invite you to events
  • To check your age
  • To send questionnaires that allow you to affect our offers and services
  • To test and improve our systems and to offer services
  • To prevent fraud or abuse of our services
  • To allow you to participate in our competitions


We do not store your personal data for longer than is necessary to fulfil the purposes described above or than what we are required to by law. Then, your personal data will be deleted. 

What are your rights?

If you believe that your personal data as Byhappyme have been faulty examined or has been processed in violation of the law, you have the right to request that personal data are corrected, blocked or deleted. You do this by contacting our customer service. Byhappyme in some cases are legally obliged to - and in some cases legally entitled - to undertake the processing of your personal data despite the fact that you may have requested these to be deleted. You may at any time revoke or modify the consents you have provided or ask not to receive further promotion either via customer service or through the material we emit.

Who has access to your personal data?

Your personal data will not be transferred or sold to a third party for advertising purposes. Your personal data will, however, be disclosed to a third party if this is necessary to provide services to you, for example for suppliers, enabling them to be responsible for the transport of ordered products or analyze your personal data for distribution of offers. In countries where it is possible, your personal data could also be disclosed to a third party with the aim to update the name and address through a national register or other public register.    

How do we protect your personal data?

Byhappyme takes the technical and organizational security measures, as required under the law, to ensure that your personal data is not tampered with, lost or destroyed, or that unauthorized persons can not access them. Our security procedures are changed continuously in line with technological development.

All transactions made via the website with the use of your personal data will be encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). 


A cookie is a data file sent from a website and stored locally in the web browser of the users who visit the site. When a user visits the same website again, the data stored in the cookie, retrieved and used to notify the site about the user's past activity. Byhappyme uses cookies to enable analysis of traffic on and to create a better user experience. This can, for example mean that we store information about the user's choice of countries, on the user's previous visits to and about which pages are visited on To read more about cookies you can do so here: 

When you visit, you must decide whether you want to give your consent to the use of cookies. By accepting the use of cookies on, you agree that we may collect information about your visits using cookies. If you do not accept that we use cookies in this way, you should change your Web browser settings that you do not accept cookies. You can at any time choose to delete the cookie files that are placed with you. Read more in the help section on cookies in your browser. Please note that if you do not accept cookies, you will not be able to act via our e-commerce. 

Mandatory cookies / function cookies

This type of cookies is mandatory. Websites and their functions require them to operate as intended. Without these cookies, you can not act through our e-commerce. These cookies help to improve the sites' usability and performance and enable various functions. 

Customization Cookies

This type of cookies collects information about how you use a website. Customization Cookies help us, among others, to identify particularly popular sections of our site. We can, this way, customize the content on our site so that it better suits your needs, providing you with a better user experience. The data collected with this type of cookies is not linked to a specific person. 

Third Party Cookies

This type of cookies from a third party, for example. social network. They are used primarily to integrate content from social media, for example. Social Pluggings, or for analysis (e.g. Google Analytics). 

How to remove cookies

If you want to remove cookies, you have to do this in your browser. 

Social Plugins external links

There may be links to external websites on These are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Byhappyme takes no responsibility for the contents of the websites linked from In the case of photos from Instagram, as you tag with any of byhappyme's hashtags (as Byhappyme publish on its website and on social media from time to time), these images will be reviewed and verified before they are published on our website. By tagging an image in accordance with the instructions provided on the website, you consent to Byhappyme must publish the picture on its website.