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MAM Original Night 6-36
Symmetrisk - Silikone



MAM Original Night 6-36, Symmetrisk - Silikone

MAM Original Night 6-36
Symmetrisk - Silikone



MAM original Night lights up the dark

Wonderful glow-in-the-dark set with motif dummies to the little girl in two different designs from MAM.

With glow-in-the-dark dummies it’s no longer a problem to find the dummies in the dark.

A pink dummy with two rabbits - a grown-up rabbit and it’s baby.

A purple dummy with a little sleepy rabbit laying in the bow of the moon in the starry sky.

The dummies come in a handy box, that can sanitize the dummies in the microwave fast and easy.

The MAM dummies are developed in collaboration with dentists so the dummies maximizes the consideration for the children's teeth.

The teat is symmetrical. The dummy is available in the size 6-36 months.

All of our dummies are 100% BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free and fulfils EU standard EN-1400.