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Ball / Toy for fine motor skills
Several colours available



Ball / Toy for fine motor skills
Several colours available



  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Baby Pink
  • Baby Blue

Tactile and sensory ball, perfect for sore gums and sensory development.

Stretchy Teether Ball from Bolli is both a popular toy but also a welcome help for the baby at teething time, when the gums get sore.

The ball has several purposes

You can roll it, throw it, twist it and bite into it. It is both soft and flexible. Pull and stretch it in every which way, and it is so easy to handle for the kid.

Stretchy Teether Ball from Bolli gives hours of playtime and entertainment and lets the kid develop tactile and fine motor skills. On top of that, the ball is so easy to grab for those small baby fingers.

Take it with you in the stroller or use it on the play mat, combining multiple balls together.

Itchy gums? The Stretchy Teether Ball is the perfect distraction and relief. The child will find it natural to suck and bite into the soft rattle.

This model comes in 4 different fashionable colours.

Dishwasher safe and can be sterilised.

Made of 100% BPA/PVC free silicone.