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About us

We love to make life easier for families with children

Byhappyme can propose you a large selection of dummies and accessories. You can personalize our beautiful dummies with name and most of our products with a large selection of sweet symbols.

Having a name on a dummy is very practical in your child’s nursery because they ensure that the dummy does not get mixed up and the infection risk is thus reduced.

Personalized dummies are also a big help for the nursery staff who will not spend time looking for your child’s dummy and will instead comfort and play with them.

Our popular name tags will be really practical in your busy life. They will help you to find things that always disappear. Name tags are a super easy solution to this problem. They are ideal for water bottle, lunch box and favourite teddy bear to your rain coat and clothing in general.

If you want to offer a gift, you can find a large choice of sweet gift boxes for every occasion. Our cutlery is always sent in the finest box. We pack your gift nicely.

If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

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