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About us

Love at first sight...

There is nothing more amazing than being a parent of a newborn child (or maybe to become grandparents).

A little baby turns everything up and down! You have to buy dummies, bottles, baby clothes and equipment. It's a big upheaval, so we wish to help make everyday a bit easier for you - and your family - so you can make the right choices.

Our mission is that children have quality products that can withstand being used. If the products can also help to develop and stimulate imagination, we are sure that it will make both children - and their parents- happy


You can safely shop on

We take good care of the little ones and harmful substances are obviously forbidden here in our web shop. has sold quality dummies, name tags, cutlery, accessories and gift items since 2006. We have headquarters in Denmark and only deal with well-known suppliers who are approved by EU Standard EN 1400 and comply with the special requirements for quality, durability and environment. All our dummies are 100% BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free.

Get a name, an icon or a funny text engraved on the dummy

Personalize your child's dummy with a name, an icon or a funny text - you choose your own expression and font. We experience many fun and creative ideas. The most important thing is that you can always find the right dummy and that it does not get exchanged with other children's dummies.

Day care staff loves dummies with names and name tags

It is a great help for the staff that your child has their name on their dummies. Then you are also sure that your child is using their own dummy all day. It is both practical and hygienic.

In day care and preschool, the children need care and enjoyment and the staff does not have to spend time looking for the right dummy.

Likewise, the self-adhesive name tags are a big help and can help identify all clothes, shoes, boots, lunch box, drinking bottle and your child’s favourite teddy bear - yes, all the child's things.

Choose the same icon- then your child can recognize their own belongings 

The cute icons help children to recognize their own belongings.

You can choose the same icon for all your child's personal belongings. So it's easy for your child to find his own lunch box, drinking bottle, dummies, boots and jacket.

Our personalized cutlery is a popular gift

We engrave the name on the popular set of cutlery. Therefore, we can ship the very day after we have received your order. Our cutlery is sent in the finest gift box and is made of stainless steel in high and resistant quality. Dishwasher safe.

We are looking forward to welcome you in the shop.
Happy and best regards from our team