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Cutlery set with name
Racer adventure
Picture frame included



Cutlery set with name
Racer adventure
Picture frame included



Name, font and color:
  • Comic Sans
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Name engraved, racing adventure cutlery set. Upgrade the packaging with the sweetest picture frame!

Quality cutlery from Byhappyme with motifs of cars, airplane and a hot air balloon. A name engraved cutlery set for the child who loves speed over the field. The cutlery set is made of high quality polished stainless steel. Size and shape are child-friendly - perfect for small hands.

The set contains 4 parts - knife, fork, tablespoon and teaspoon.


Name engraving and motif

Name engraving is permanent and laser engraved. You choose which text and font you want to have engraved on your cutlery set.

The cutlery is exclusive in design and quality. The motif on the cutlery set is of permanent color, which does not disappear after use.

Photo frame included!

The box in which the cutlery comes delivered in can be transformed into a cute photo frame that can stand in the children's room.

Behind the set is a guide on how to build the photo frame.

The cutlery set comes in the  box that can be turned into a photo frame and is the perfect gift for christening and birthday.